What is Shokuoku?

What kind of service is Shokuoku? 

A seat at a restaurant that is extremely difficult to reserve will be put up for auction.
Through this auction, you'll have a better chance of getting reservations at restaurants you've always wanted to try or at popular restaurants that book up rapidly online.On days and at times when the restaurant is closed for regular business, auctions will be held primarily for cancellations and for reserved times.

About Reservations

Can I attend the following appointment after the scheduled date if I place a successful bid? 

Due to the fact that you will have won the bid for the reservation right for the relevant day and time, we won't be able to accept your reservation for your subsequent visits to our restaurants. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Why is it so hard to reserve a table at the restaurant, but it will be able to reserve a seat at Shokuoku? 

While it varies from restaurant to restaurant, most of the restaurants that are difficult to reserve are often booked by members and longtime regular customer, which makes it difficult for new customers to make reservations.
However, sometimes these seats are made available to us because of cancellations due to various circumstances, such as illnesses brought on by the coronavirus. Additionally, we sometimes receive offers for reservations at times other than those we usually make, such as private bookings at particular times or on days the restaurant is closed.

Isn't Shokuoku an act of resale? 

After being contacted by the restaurants directly, we are exclusively auctioning off the rights to these seats on our website.
Some people frequently resell seats from restaurants, but this does not profit the restaurants in any way. Our company wants to develop a system that supports restaurants.

About donation recipients

Is the donation to be made only to the General Incorporated Association "Thanks for the food"? 

In addition to Thanks for the Food Incorporated Association, we are in the process of selecting additional donation recipients who share a common interest in the development of food culture, and the following organizations are scheduled to participate in the project,
Organization for Oil Pollution Control and Sea and Shoreline Environment Beautification

Sales and Profits

What happens to profits earned at the auction? 

The company will choose an organization that is dedicated to the "development of food culture" and donate a portion of the profits to that organization.
The remaining funds will be given to the cooperating restaurants, used for operating the Shokuoku website, expanded to cover the present high cost of procurement, returned to the restaurant staff, or to donate entirely to the advancement of food culture.

About cooperating restaurants

How are cooperating restaurants determined? 

We invite restaurants that support the development of food culture to participate in the event.